Trump ducks commenting on Mueller indictments by Twitter-bragging Jimmy Carter said 'nice' things about him
Donald Trump (MSNBC)

An uncharacteristically sedate President Donald Trump ducked mentioning the bombshell report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is bringing indictments against some of his former aides, with arrests expected on Monday, by tweeting that former President Jimmy Carter made some "nice remarks' about him.

Trump's normally rancorous Saturday morning tweets made their usual accusation against the "fake news," but the president appeared to go out of the way to avoid the looming presidential crisis.

"Very little reporting about the GREAT GDP numbers announced yesterday (3.0 despite the big hurricane hits). Best consecutive Q's in years!" Trump bragged on Twitter.

Moment later, he claimed some bipartisan support, tweeting, "Just read the nice remarks by President Jimmy Carter about me and how badly I am treated by the press (Fake News). Thank you Mr. President!"

In is entirely possible Trump will tweet about Mueller later on Saturday as the White House prepares its response.

You can see Trump's Tweets below: