Trump won't say if he will apologize to Gold Star widow -- but boasts his memory is better than hers
President Donald Trump speaks on the White House lawn (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Wednesday insisted that Myeshia Johnson, the widow of slain U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, was wrong about the now-infamous phone call they shared last week.

While speaking with reporters, Trump was asked if he'd apologize to Johnson, who broke her silence on Monday and backed up Rep. Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) account of what happened during the call. Specifically, she said that Trump left her feeling "very upset," and claimed that Trump couldn't remember her late husband's name.

Trump, however, completely dodged the question, and quickly pivoted to how nice he had been to her during their call.

"She sounds like a lovely lady, I've never seen her, I've never met her," the president explained. "I was extremely nice to her, I was extremely courteous as I was to everyone else."

When pressed by a reporter about Johnson's account of the exchange -- which differed completely from Trump's -- the president boasted about the high quality of his memory.

"[I have] one of the great memories of all time," Trump insisted.

Watch the video below.