WATCH: Corey Lewandowski whines to Fox that the FBI should have warned Trump against hiring Manafort
Corey Lewandowski (CNN/YouTube)

Former Trump campaign chief Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to discuss what he knew about Paul Manafort, the man who was hired by the Trump campaign in early 2016 and who eventually took over Lewandowski's job.

When asked about background checks the Trump campaign performed before hiring Manafort, Lewandowski insisted that the campaign didn't have the kinds of resources on hand to conduct thorough checks on people that it hired.

He then pivoted to attacking the FBI for not warning the campaign that it was about to hire someone with a checkered past who was under surveillance by federal law enforcement officials.

"If it is true that Paul was under a FISA before he came under the campaign, then I think the FBI should have warned the campaign and said, 'Look, you've got a person here who's currently under surveillance, and we want to raise that issue to you so you're aware of it,'" he complained. "Never was I contacted, never was the president or the campaign contacted, about any relationship Paul Manafort might have had."

Even Fox host Steve Doocy found Lewandowski's complaints about the FBI to be a little much, however.

"Yeah, but Corey, is that the kind of thing the feds do, where they would tell somebody, 'Hey the guy you just hired we're looking at him because we think he might be breaking the law?"

"Uh, I don't know," Lewandowski admitted, before insisting that the FBI should have warned the campaign anyway.

Watch the video below.