Watch Lawrence O'Donnell's epic destruction of John Kelly for honoring Trump's 'bravery' talking to families of the dead
Laurence O'Donnell -- MSNBC screen grab

Late Thursday night, MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell brought the hammer down on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for attacking a black lawmaker from Florida who has been standing up for the family of a fallen soldier.

In the nearly 20 minute attack on Kelly, the MSNBC host excoriated President Donald Trump's chief of staff for calling Rep. Frederika Wilson (D-FL) an 'empty barrel," while at the same time praising Trump for his bravery.

Noting that Kelly was providing cover for Trump's botched phone call to the widow of a soldier killed in Niger, O'Donnell pointed out that Kelly showed empathy for the family of a military family he couldn't bring himself to say anything good about a congresswoman who was consoling a constituent.

'He showed no empathy at all for her," O'Donnell explained. "he talked about her a lot. He talked about her more than he talked about the president or his sons. And he never mentioned her name. He called her an 'empty barrel.' He dehumanized her. In fact, from start to finish, John Kelly's comments in the briefing room today were essentially a lecture about his moral superiority over her and Donald Trump's moral superiority over her."

"I was stunned," he continued."Stunned when I watched him dehumanize her and very deliberately continued to dehumanize her and refuse to give her the dignity of a name and call her an empty barrel. He went out if his way to do it."

O'Donnell then turned his focus on Trump, all but calling him a coward after Kelly stated the president was "brave".

"There are many words you can use for President Trump," the MSNBC host asserted. "The word brave has absolutely no application in the same sentence with the word 'Trump.' And it dishonors any other use of the word brave that you might like to make if you use that word to describe Donald Trump."

"It was especially stunning coming from a military man who knows what brave is," he lectured. "Coming from a military man who has lived that bravery himslef -- has risked his won life. Whose sons have served and lived that bravery. It was especially stunning for that word about Donald Trump -- 'brave.'"

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: