WATCH: Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein explains how Mueller warrants are probably about 'conspiracy'
Carl Bernstein (CNN)

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper interviewed legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein to discuss breaking news that a grand jury has filed sealed charges against in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations into possible Donald Trump campaign collusion with Russia and potential White House obstruction of justice.

"I've talked to some of the lawyers that knew this was coming, they believe the intent is to get one or more of these people to cooperate and turn over some more facts about what the prosecutors think may be a conspiracy," Bernstein reported.

"This all goes really, to a larger question of possible disloyalty to the United States by helping a foreign power undermine our elections," Bernstein explained. "So there's all kinds of larger ethical, moral and legal questions raised and now what Mueller is trying to do is move this investigation to determine what happened in terms of whether there was a conspiracy to undermine our democratic system.

Watch investigative journalist Carl Bernstein on Anderson Cooper 360: