White Rhode Island assistant principal resigns after shocking video of him assaulting black teen goes viral
Assistant Principal Thomas Bacon on top of teen -- screen capture via Twitter

An assistant principal at a Rhode Island high school has resigned after he was suspended for attacking a black teen in a video that went viral.

According to the Providence Journal, Central High Assistant Principal Thomas Bacon has resigned as school authorities and local police investigate the incident that occurred on Monday, when Bacon was filmed pinning 15-year-old Amare Pemberton to the ground and screaming at him.

"As of this morning, Mr. Bacon has resigned from his position with the Providence Public School Department effective immediately. While the Providence Police will continue their investigation, we will continue to meet with students, teachers and community members and take proactive steps to support our entire school community," said Mayor Jorge Elorza and Superintendent Chris Maher in a joint statement.

According to the report, Pemberton got into a scuffle with the white administrator that led to him being shoved to the ground and up against a wall.

While Pemberton has been charged with assault on a school official, Bacon has yet to be charged, which has angered Pemberton's mother.

“He still should be fired and charged,” she said of Bacon, noting that her son is still suspended from the school. “An apology needs to be issued. There needs to be more training [for school staff] as their response was excessive.”

“As superintendent, my main concern is always the well-being of our students and our staff,” superintendent Maher explained. “I think anyone who has viewed the video of the physical altercation between a Central student and a staff member was alarmed and dismayed by what they saw. In Providence Public Schools, we believe the only justifiable reason for restraining students – and it is always a last resort – is to prevent imminent, serious physical harm.

You can watch the video below via Twitter: