‘Wire’ creator David Simon warns Congress will never work to stop mass shootings — here’s why
David Simon creator of "The Wire" (Photo: Screen capture)

David Simon, creator of "The Wire," wants to see Congress act on the alarming availability a citizen has to create an automatic weapon. But he knows the harsh reality.

In an interview with Salon, Simon sees no chance Congress will ever ever do anything to stop the mass shootings.

"Nope," he said. "I think Congress is the broken part of the American government. It’s the part that can be [easily] purchased; the price of a representative is fairly cheap by the standards of mass capital."

He admitted he was shocked at how quickly the "don't politicize this" comments came up.

"When it comes to gun culture in this country, our house is on fire," he said. "We're always told, don't call 911 now, let's wait a day. Let's be respectful. I don't have any regard for that anymore, I just think it's an incredibly dishonest framework. Now is exactly the time to look at our gun culture and our gun laws."

Simon walked through the ways in which the NRA uses millions every election to run ads against candidates to get them to submit to the NRA legislative agenda.

"They live in terror," he said about politicians. He went on to say he anticipates the NRA or the president will release a statement saying that he wishes more in the crowd of people had been armed.

Statistics show that the "good guys with guns" fighting back against "bad guys with guns" is a fallacy. In this case it is especially true, as the shooter was a half of a mile away from his victims.

Watch below: