Ana Navarro: Trump can smear intel officers as 'political hacks' but he can't run from Bob Mueller
CNN political analyst Ana Navarro (screengrab)

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro blasted President Donald Trump and fellow CNN analyst Paris Dennard on Sunday when Dennard said that by defending themselves against Trump's accusations that they are "political hacks," intelligence officers are behaving in a political manner.

"Time and time again, we have seen that [Trump] does not back up the U.S. intelligence community," Navarro said, pointing out that the president has had an uneasy relationship with the intelligence community since his first day in office when he stood in front of the wall at the CIA honoring fallen agents and talked about the size of his inaugural crowds.

"He does it over and over again," he said. "He's the commander-in-chief. It's just not befitting of him."

There are people with years of service to the country behind them, she said, so when Dennard accused them of being political operatives by taking to the media to defend themselves, she let fly.

Trump can make as much "background noise" as he wants, she said, "It doesn't matter because Bob Mueller doesn't care. He will continue investigating and we will get closure."

Watch the video, embedded below: