Brother says Roy Moore is being 'persecuted' just 'like Jesus was' by sex abuse allegations
Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore

Alabama U.S. Senate candidate -- and twice-ousted ex-Chief Justice of the state's Supreme Court -- is being "persecuted" just like Jesus Christ was, said his brother Larry Moore on Friday.

CNN's Manu Raju tweeted that Larry Moore made the comments to reporter Martin Savidge in a telephone interview.

David Wright posted a transcript of Savidge's description of the call.

Four women accuse Moore of making sexual advances toward them when Moore was in his 30s and they were minors.

One of the girls was only 14 when Moore drove her to his house, plied her with alcohol, stripped her to her bra and underwear, took off his own clothes and then fondled her. Moore also tried to force the girl to touch his erect penis, but she pulled her hand away.

A small number of Republican leaders have called for Moore to step down and end his run for the Senate. Others, however -- including state auditor Jim Zeigler, who compared Moore's coupling with a 14-year-old to the relationship between Mary and Joseph in the Bible -- have defended Moore against the accusations and declared that they still intend to vote for him.

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