CNN panel hammers Trump's week of crazed tweets: 'It's only Wednesday -- he's offended every minority'
CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta reporting from the WH lawn. Image via screengrab.

A CNN panel on Wednesday stood in awe of President Donald Trump's week of offensive tweets, as reporter Jim Acosta noted that the president had managed to offend multiple ethnic and religious minorities in the span of just three days.

During the discussion, host Wolf Blitzer went down the list of all the ways Trump had managed to upset minority groups this week, whether through his tweets or through his public statements.

"This is what we've seen from the president over the past three days alone," he began. "He made that Pocahontas comment once again involving Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a ceremony honoring Native American Navajo code talkers, World War II heroes, on Tuesday. He attacked African-American athletes over the anthem protests, railed against illegal immigrants, spoke about his own birther claims that former President Obama was born in Kenya. Today, the anti-Muslim videos."

CNN's Jim Acosta marveled at Trump's ability to offend millions of different people using 280 characters or less, and pointed out that Trump still have two more full days this week to offend even more people.

"The president vowed to the American people he would be a president for all people, that he would be a presidential commander in chief," Acosta said. "If you look at that list that you just laid out a few moments ago, it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that it's only Wednesday, and he's offended nearly every minority or religious group that you can possibly offend here in the United States."

Watch the video below.