CNN's Jim Sciutto gets GOP congressman to agree that Trump 'gloms on' to terrorist attacks to further his agenda
Jim Sciutto (Photo: screen capture)

On Friday evening, CNN's Jim Sciutto found common ground with a Republican congressman when he asserted that President Donald Trump has a propensity for capitalizing on terrorist attacks to further his agenda. Today, Trump did exactly that after he used the attack on a Sufi mosque in Sinai, Egypt to further his call for building a border wall.

"You're well aware than every time there's a terror attack anywhere, even in the UK, a country that's certainly not on the list and that a travel ban wouldn't protect the US from, the president will glom onto whatever the attack is and say 'here you go, this is why we need to ban from these seven or eight countries,'" Sciutto told Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) of the House's Foreign Affairs Committee. "Why is that a relevant argument to that other debate?"

"I don't necessarily think it is," Kinzinger responded. "There is not a lot of defending of the president's Twitter, which I think is a good tool but I think a lot of the times he doesn't use it in the way that I would use Twitter."

"I think it's important in a time when you have a terrorist attack in Egypt or a terrorist attack in England or anywhere to actually be bigger and say we will stand with our ally and we will defeat this cancer where it exists," the congressman continued.

Kinzinger went on to say that he would push the travel ban or border wall argument "at a different time," and that Trump is "injecting domestic politics into an issue where, frankly, Americans should be unified, which is defeating terror."

Watch the Republican criticize the president's Twitter usage below, via CNN.