Colorado GOP lawmaker insists posting racist things on Facebook doesn't make her racist
Judy Reyher (Facebook photo).

A Colorado Republican lawmaker has apologized for writing Facebook posts that disparaged Muslims and African Americans, but she's insisting that these racist posts do not make her racist.

The Denver Post reports that Judy Reyher -- a Colorado Republican who was appointed to the state legislature this week -- posted multiple offensive statements and memes on her Facebook page, including one that questioned why Muslims would come to the United States if they "hate pork, beer, bikinis, Jesus and freedom of speech."

Reyher also questioned the authenticity of former President Barack Obama's birth certificate, and subsequently told the Denver Post that "the black community and the Democrats are the most racist group of people that exist," while also claiming that black people "hate white people with a passion."

Despite all of these racist statements, Reyher insisted to the Denver Post that she is anything but racist.

"I would like to apologize for the comments or posts on Facebook that have been found offensive and racist," she wrote to the newspaper. "However, the fact of the matter is, I am not a racist. This country was founded by immigrants, and I embrace all Americans, no matter their walk of life. Diversity is what makes America, America."