Conservative website howls at 'Simpsons' for mocking 'right-wing nutjobs' and Ayn Rand
The Simpsons (Fox)

The conservative scolds at NewsBusters are mad at "The Simpsons" poking politically incorrect fun at "right-wing nutjobs."

Marge Simpson ran for mayor of Springfield in Sunday's episode of the long-running animated comedy series, and her campaign included some parallels between last year's presidential election.

According to the NewsBusters synopsis, Marge decides to challenge Mayor Joe Quimby after the incumbent makes some misogynist cracks at her expense, and she visits a political consultant for advice.

"Tell them what they want to hear until you get 51 percent -- then you can govern like a far-right nut job," the consultant tells her.

The conservative website, operated by the Media Research Center, complained that "The Simpsons" showed the hillbilly Cletus character holding a copy of Ayn Rand's libertarian novel, "The Fountainhead," as Marge reaches out to "yokel objectivist" voters.

"Well, you's the new John Galt, aren't you?" the character tells Marge. "Hey, can you take a picture with our Ayn Rand scarecrow?"

The website also took offense at Marge insulting her husband, Homer, to voters' delight.

"'The Simpsons' continues to be an equal opportunity insult to all viewers," NewsBusters grumbled. "This show certainly pointed out the trend of today’s television programs to make the lead male character – the husband and father, usually – into a doofus of some kind. How sad. A much stronger lesson for young girls is one that teaches that women can be successful without emasculating the men in their life to do it."