'Dear diary, they liked me!': Nicolle Wallace and MSNBC panel mock 'easily flattered' Trump's speech
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace.

A panel on MSNBC’s ‘Deadline: White House’ torched Pres. Trump’s Wednesday press conference where he refused to comment on the explosive allegations of sexual assault by Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

"President Trump just wrapped up his first public remarks since his 12-day trip to Asia. If you missed it, it went a little something like this: 'dear diary, they liked me. They really, really liked me,'" Wallace paraphrased.

Wallace, a former communications director in the George W. Bush White House, noted that, "it looked to me watching this like he sought to import some of the features and benefits of state-run media back to the U.S."

"The problem with the president is that he mistakes flattery with respect," New York Times columnist Bret Stephens responded. "And I think there was clearly a kind of strong man envy at work here that people like [Rodrigo] Duterte in the Philippines, of course Xi [Jinping] in China could command that level of flattery from their media, that he never has access to back here at home."

"This was a 35 minute rant, diatribe," MSNBC anchor Katy Tur noted. "It's clear that foreign leaders are now seeing and realizing what we in the press knew covering him: Donald Trump is very easily flattered."

"If you play to his ego, if you tell him he's great, if you roll out the red carpet, you can manipulate the situation," Tur explained.