Democratic Senator wants to see Donald Trump Jr. questioned in a public hearing
Sen. Mark Warner (Photo: Flickr)

Senate Intelligence Committee vice chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) said on Sunday that President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump, Jr. should be compelled to testify before Congress in an open hearing.

"There are still a number of individuals" who the committee would still like to speak to, Warner said. "I mean, Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump's lawyer, we want to bring him back. We want to bring Donald Trump Jr. in. He's not testified yet."

"Kasie D.C." host Kasie Hunt asked Warner if he thinks that hearing should be public.

"Folks out to hear his side of the story," said Warner.

Pres. Trump has said in the past that investigation of his family is the "red line" across which he would not allow special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to proceed. Whether he will attempt to impose a similar restriction on the House and Senate's investigations remains to be seen.

Watch the video, embedded below: