Eric Trump’s ‘hottest bachelor’ brother-in-law gets a promotion at Department of Energy policy shop
Eric Trump (Twitter)

Eric Trump's brother-in-law has been promoted to help oversee a Department of Energy agency that once carried out President Barack Obama's climate change agenda.

Kyle Yunaska, whose sister is married to the president's son, is now chief of staff for the department's Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, reported E&E News.

He served as part of the transition team's "beachhead" of temporary political appointees and stayed on in a permanent role starting in February.

Yunaska doesn't appear to have a background in energy policy, but an alumni page at East Carolina University shows he received a master's degree in business administration in 2009.

His Facebook page showed previous positions as a tax analyst at Georgetown University and former accounting manager at the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health.

Yunaska once participated in Inside Edition's competition for "hottest bachelor" in Washington, D.C., but didn't win.

Eric Trump is married to Yunaska's sister, Lara, who works for her father-in-law's already active re-election campaign and has conducted meetings with top government officials.

Department officials did not respond to requests for comment.