Ex-MI6 spy Chris Steele stands by Trump 'pee tape' dossier -- and claims it's at least 70 percent accurate
Christopher Steele (Telegraph)

The intelligence dossier compiled by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele about President Donald Trump has long been contentious -- but a new report from the Guardian says that Steele is sticking by his work.

Although the dossier certainly contains many claims that are not true -- the story of Trump hiring Russian prostitutes to perform a "golden shower" in a hotel has been viewed skeptically even by some Trump critics -- sources close to Steele tell the Guardian that no dossier is completely accurate.

What's important, these sources say, is that Steele has a high degree of confidence in the overall body of work -- and he insists that it is between 70 percent and 90 percent accurate.

"I’ve been dealing with this country for 30 years," Steele has said about Russia. "Why would I invent this stuff?"

The report also claims that Steele met with a team of FBI agents in September 2016 to discuss his findings on Trump and Russia. Steele claims that the agents reacted with "shock and horror" to his revelations, yet they were reluctant to go public with them for fear of being seen to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

But when former FBI Director James Comey released his letter saying he was looking into newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails, Steele reportedly grew "exasperated" that the agency "seemed unduly keen to trash Clinton’s reputation while sitting on explosive material concerning Trump."

The whole report, which is based on an upcoming book called Collusion by Guardian reporter Luke Harding, is worth reading and can be found here.