Ex-Obama adviser tells 'Dodo-in-chief' Trump: CNN tweet could be used as evidence in AT&T case
President Donald Trump (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

President Donald Trump's tweet attacking CNN on Saturday could be more than just obnoxious and juvenile, said a former ethics adviser to ex-President Barack Obama on Saturday. It could be used as evidence in the legal wrangle over AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner -- which owns CNN.

The Hill said Norm Eisen tweeted Saturday in response to Trump, "Dear Dodo-in-Chief: u realize that this tweet is going 2be an exhibit against u in the DOJ -TimeWarner antitrust case right? It also smacks of collusion since u did it on day when Vlad cracked down on US networks. For that reason, it may open u to other civil liability. G’night!"

The Justice Department has sued to stop AT&T from buying Time Warner claiming that the communications conglomerate would be too powerful and constitute a monopoly on certain portions of the market.

Critics of the Trump administration and Jeff Sessions' Justice Department say that Trump is trying to scuttle the deal because of his personal animus against the network, a charge that will carry more weight the more Trump tweets about how much he despises CNN.

CNN pushed back vigorously against Trump's insults on Saturday, saying that perhaps he should stick to being president and let them report the news.