Exasperated columnist blisters Trump campaign personnel: Did anyone NOT meet with Russians?
Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell on MSNBC (screen capture)

An MSNBC panel on Saturday afternoon blasted Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions' lies to Congress and shot down a number of myths propagated by the Trump 2016 campaign, transition team and presidential administration.

"It certainly doesn't look good for him," said Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell said of Sessions. "As you will recall, he said during his confirmation hearings that he had no awareness of anybody connected with the Trump campaign who met with the Russians."

She continued, "The question today is: Is there anyone connected with the Trump campaign who didn't meet with the Russians?"

She went on to point to the now-infamous Instagram photo of the campaign's foreign policy meeting where Session and now-FBI witness George Papadopoulos sharing a table at a meeting with then-candidate Trump.

New York Times Washington correspondent Charlie Savage said that there's a "deep irony" that if Sessions gets fired or resigns, an Attorney General even more hostile to the Mueller investigation could take his place.

Watch the video, embedded below: