Florida cop quits after being busted for drunken road rage incident where he held gun to head of motorist
Police officer holding gun (Shuttershock)

A Florida corrections officer has resigned after being charged with aggravated assault for pulling a gun on a motorist while he was off duty and drunk.

According to News4Jax, Baker County sergeant Christopher Ariail was taken into custody and charged after police followed up on a report that he had pulled his service revolver after a traffic dispute while he was driving drunk.

Sheriff's deputies say they responded to call after midnight last Wednesday saying an intoxicated man grew upset after being passed on the street. The victim stated he was grabbed by the neck, had a gun pointed at his head and was told, "The speed limit is 15 mph."

Deputies were told the armed man then climbed back into his pickup truck and drove off, but not before his license plate was taken down.

When police followed up, they took Ariall into custody.

According to the report the officer resigned the following morning after seven years on the job.