Fox Business host Bartiromo goes on Twitter blocking rampage after false claim about Trump accusers
Fox Business Channel host Maria Bartiromo (Screen capture)

On Saturday, Fox Business Channel host Maria Bartiromo blocked multiple members of the media from viewing her Twitter account after she erroneously claimed on Friday morning that "there are no allegations" of sexual harassment or assault against President Donald Trump, said

After Bartiromo made the claim, many rushed to correct her -- with varying degrees of politeness -- and some -- like CNN's media critic Brian Stelter -- were startled that Bartiromo abruptly locked them out of viewing her tweets.

"I’ve always had a cordial relationship with @MariaBartiromo. I can only assume that this tweeted observation is why she suddenly blocked me...," tweeted Stelter.

Bartiromo also blocked New Yorker magazine and Huffington Post's Yashar Ali: