Fox viewers freak out after network hypes report of Dems registering felons eligible to vote in Alabama
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Many felons who have paid their debt to society are legally allowed to vote in elections in Alabama.

Despite this, Fox News on Thursday hyped up a report on Democrats in the state registering former felons to vote in the upcoming Alabama Senate election.

"A last-minute push by Democrats is happening right now to get as many felons registered to come out and vote on December 12," Fox News reported while showing a photo of a smiling black man holding up voter registration forms.

Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey earlier this year signed a bill that restored the rights of thousands of former felons to vote in the state. However, Fox viewers nonetheless responded to Fox's report by claiming that letting felons vote is part of a sinister Democratic plot to steal elections from law-abiding citizens.

Check out some responses from angry Fox viewers below.