Internet celebrates after right-wingers lose their Twitter verification: ‘That’s gotta feel like a punch in the face’
Richard Spencer, seconds before being punched in the face. (Photo: Screen capture)

After coming under fire for verifying one of the organizers of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally, Twitter finally rolled out their solution -- un-verifying users they "in no way endorse."

Though the new verification rules could come with its' own fallout, many users celebrated as prominent right-wing figures like Richard Spencer, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec lost their verification.

"That's gotta feel like a punch to the face," BuzzFeed video producer Logan Rhoades tweeted, referencing the "Nazi punch" meme spawned after Spencer was punched at an inauguration rally.

"Wow, it really IS Christmas," author Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura wrote.

Check out some of the best reactions below.