Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page delivered what he described as “irrelevant and unnecessary” subpoenaed documents to Congress on Thursday, all the while donning a bright red bucket hat he says is intended to protect him from skin cancer.

As he was swarmed by reporters in his seemingly "Carmen Sandiego"-inspired garb, Page declined to say whether he’s been interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller or whether he told former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski about his 2016 trip to Moscow. Page also described the treatment of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions during Tuesday’s House judiciary meeting as “outrageous.”

Asked about his fashionable fedora, Page told Business Insider’s Natasha Bertrand his statement piece was inspired by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). “I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes of my fellow Annapolis grad,” Page wrote. “Sunny day in D.C. and skin cancer is one of them.”

“Substance over style,” he added.

Page’s bright red hat sent shockwaves through the Internet on Thursday. Read some of the best responses below, via Twitter: