'It sure looks like race-baiting': CNN media critic blasts Trump for attack on UCLA dad
'Reliable Sources' host Brian Stelter (Screen capture)

CNN media critic and host of "Reliable Sources" Brian Stelter said that President Donald Trump's decision to spend Sunday afternoon feuding with LaVar Ball -- the father of one of the UCLA basketball players who were detained in China on charges of shoplifting.

"Think about this," said Stelter. "He's just recently letting the NFL kneeling controversy subside and start to fade away. Now, here he is calling out the players and the families again. I think it's immature at best, Fred, but it is race-baiting at worst. That will be debated and argued about. I want to put it on the table. It sure looks like race baiting to a lot of people. And the reason that these tweets are important is that they are a serious look into his psyche, into what the president cares about."

Watch the video, embedded below: