Former White House counsel John Dean offered a harsh assessment of President Donald Trump's mental state after the President again claimed that he is not under investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

"The president today called The New York Times today to talk about Manafort's indictment, calling Maggie Haberman, he said quote, 'I'm not under investigation as you know,'" CNN anchor Erin Burnett noted.

"I think he's living in an unreal world," Dean observed. "He doesn't really read the The New York Times apparently. He doesn't want to look at any mainstream media."

"He is so out of touch with reality it's frightening," Dean concluded.

Dean was a central figure in the Watergate coverup and was disbarred after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice.

"The fact that he is out of touch is the fact that he has no real establishment people that are close to him that could have warned him about somebody like a [Paul] Manafort. That's well-known, those were not secrets, they were apparently to [Trump], but Manafort had a reputation and his firm was known for some shady business before he joined the campaign," Dean explained.