'Joseph and Mary didn’t f*ck!': Maher rips evangelical defense of Roy Moore's relations with an underage girl
Bill Maher (Photo: Real Time Twitter)

Comedian Bill Maher on Friday tore into the recent allegations levied against powerful men in politics and entertainment, paying particular attention to charges that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore engaged in inappropriate relations with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30’s—and slamming the Republican Party for defending him.

“Welcome to another edition of: Who pulled their d*ck out this week?” Maher began. “It’s so ironic that Trump is in China, because here in America, this is clearly the Year of the Dog.”

Turning to Moore, Maher explained a Washington Post report detailing the GOPer’s inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old, before qualifying it’s “inappropriate for our state.”

“Top Republicans are now speaking out—against the women,” Maher said. “No, really. Sean Hannity had to apologize for saying it was ‘consensual,’ and then had to explain to the other guys at Fox News what ‘consensual’ means. Alabama State Representative Ed Henry said that he wants to prosecute the women. He said that you can’t be a victim forty years later.”

Maher then noted the particularly egregious defense of Moore by Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler, who advised people critical of the controversial judge to “take Joseph and Mary—Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter—they became parents of Jesus.”

“Using Jesus to justify child molestation?” Maher asked. Even the Catholics went, tried it, doesn’t work.”

“To my recollection, slight difference,” he continued. “Joseph and Mary didn’t f*ck. Isn’t that the whole point of that story?”

Watch below, via HBO: