KKK 'Grand Dragon' under investigation after threatening fellow students at a Florida university
Alleged KKK grand dragon Ken Parker (image via Facebook/screengrab).

In late October, students at the University of North Florida discovered that one of their classmates is a Ku Klux Klan leader.

According to The Tab, the college-focused news site that first outed UNF junior/KKK Grand Dragon Ken Parker, the bigoted student has posted threats against his fellow students on social media -- and is now being investigated for it.

"I am WHITE and PROUD [sic], and these queer balls have yet to confront me on campus," Parker wrote on Facebook. When asked to clarify and whether or not he was threatening fellow students, he replied, "That is not a threat. It is a f*cking PROMISE!!!! [sic]."

It was then that he posted a now-deleted "topless selfie" of himself holding a rifle, with his swastika tattoo on full display.

"It is okay to be WHITE!!!!! [sic]," Parker wrote, echoing the phrase emblazoned upon flyers put up across the country.

"Let SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] and the other clowns come at me, I will shut them down," he continued, specifically referencing UNF's SDS chapter that have called on him to be reprimanded or expelled by the school since he was outed.

When asked by The Tab if they'd taken action, UNF President John Delaney claimed that although they "have taken immediate action," they could not disclose any punishment details based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that requires those records to remain confidential.

When the site contacted Parker, he said he'd not been punished by the school, and that they'd "launched an investigation" into him.

"Last time I checked, it wasn't against the law to post a picture online with a gun," Parker told The Tab. "I don't have it on campus."

On Tuesday night, UCF's student newspaper, The Spinnaker, revealed that Parker had been suspended. He told the student paper that he posted the photo of himself only to prove he was capable of self-defense, and not to threaten.