Laura Ingraham plays racist ‘war whoops’ to defend Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ slur and insult Navajo Code Talkers
Laura Ingraham speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Fox New host Laura Ingraham rushed to President Donald Trump's defense after he called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) "Pocahontas," by treating her radio listeners to a "war whoop" and creating an offensive stereotypical Native American name for the Massachusetts Democrat.

Monday afternoon, Trump made the comment during a ceremony honoring Navajo "Code Talkers" who served during World War II which outraged many, including the family's of the honored men.

That didn't stop Ingraham, who along with Fox host Sean Hannity is one of Trump's biggest and most unapologetic boosters, from doubling down for the president by introducing her segment with the war whoop and a sarcastic diatribe, caught by Media Matters.

"Was that turkey sound or an Indian sound we just played?" she began before using an approximation of Warren's voice. "Well it’s just so unfortunate that Donald Trump can’t get through a code talkers ceremony without issuing a racial slur, and frankly, my grandpappy could have helped decode all of that lingo back then during Iwo Jima and all those other, whatever they were, battles in World War II."

"And my goodness, I mean, could those men have really stepped up, just smacked Donald Trump in the face, the creep that he is," she continued in the mocking voice."I’m just at a loss for words, so I’m just going to tap out the code myself. 'Elizabeth Warren here, just call me Chief Princess of Running Mouth.'"

You can listen to the audio below: