Watch  Bill Maher obliterate 'Too creepy for an Alabama mall' Roy Moore for stalking teen girls
Bill Maher (Photo: Real Time Twitter)

To the surprise of no one, HBO host Bill Maher reserved a large portion of his opening monologue to the ongoing revelations about U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's teenage dating habits when he was a 30-year-old assistant district attorney.

"One girl said that he hit on her when she was at the mall," the Real Time host explained. "As you do when you're the district attorney on your thirties. So, she didn't give him her phone number and Roy Moore called the principal of her school. And you know what his excuse is? 'I don't remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother.'"

"I'm a chivalrous child molester," Maher quipped, before adding, "In Alabama, a high school senior is a MILF."

"When I think of Alabama back then, I think of their horrendous civil rights record, but forget the police dogs, make the DA stop humping my leg," Maher said before pointing out that Moore was considered 'Too creepy for an Alabama mall."

"That's like being too fat for the Iowa State Fair or too high for Burning Man," he joked.

Watch the video below via HBO: