Morning Joe explains why Trump is ‘spinning out of control’ on Twitter: ‘A shoe is about to drop’
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough mocked President Donald Trump for blowing up a possible deal with Democrats on tax reform with a tweet -- and suggested a possible reason he's "spinning out of control."

The president provoked Democratic congressional leaders to pull out of a planned meeting Tuesday with a petulant tweet, and the White House spent the rest of the day insisting the post was part of a strategic outreach to his base.

Scarborough, however, thinks the president is worried about another bombshell report coming out of the special counsel's Russia probe.

"There's a lot of chatter that something big, a shoe must be about to drop," he said, "because Donald Trump usually seems to freak out and start spinning out of control like this, attacking CNN, attacking us -- oh, by the way, good morning, Donald -- attacking everybody in sight right before a shoe is about to drop."

The "Morning Joe" host said the Drudge Report, which Trump follows, hyped claims that another White House "bombshell" was about to drop, and he asked The Associated Press Washington bureau chief what the president might be worried about.

"The shoe they are waiting to drop is Mike Flynn, that last week over Thanksgiving, there was more fuel added to that fire when it became public that Flynn's legal team no longer talking to the White House legal team about the Russia investigation," said the AP's Julie Pace.

"Ever since (Paul) Manafort and (Rick) Gates and (George) Papadopoulos were indicted," Pace continued, "this has been the fear in this White House, because Mike Flynn is someone who crosses over the three really crucial periods of time for this president, as relates to the Russia investigation -- the campaign, the transition and those early days in the administration. So whether that's going to happen or not, I don't know about Flynn, but that is the fear inside the White House right now."