Morning Joe panel destroys ‘depravity’ of GOP justifying ‘slimebag’ Roy Moore’s child molestation
Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe (Screencapture)

Addressing the growing scandal that has enveloped the candidacy of Judge Roy Moore, the Morning Joe panel pummeled conservatives who have come to the defense of  the "slimebag" GOP candidate for a Senate seat in Alabama.

With fill-in host Wille Geist sharing clips of Republican senators expressing dismay at the allegations of pedophilia lodged against Moore, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual overtures when they were in their teens and he was a 30-year-old attorney, panelist Nicolle Wallace singled out conservative website Breitbart for defending the candidate.

"I think every Republican there went out to do the right thing. They intended to say and do the right thing," Wallace suggested. "But by saying 'if the allegations are true,' when women, many, many, years later, have put their names in the paper, --no woman wants to be dragged into a sexual assault, a sexual harassment story. So I really i think it's ignorance, not malice. This is the kind of detailed journalism that the first Harvey Weinstein stories included, and no one said, 'if they're true.'"

"Four women put their name in a story with absolutely nothing to gain,"she continued before later adding, "This is going to test conservative media too. Because the first conservative media outlet to sort of circle around Moore is Breitbart. Of all the allegations, the only one that would be illegal would be molesting a 14-year-old. We saw on Fox News, he had a lot of defenders. This is going to test the depth and depravity of conservative media."

Commentator Donnie Deutsch joined in to address the very notion of Moore attempting to develop sexual relationships with teen girls when he was in his thirties.

"What's happening to us?" he asked. "We set this against Louis C.K. stuff. All the things we are hearing, what's happened to us? Is there such deviancy in the lives in so many men? Are we still in a world as we sawin  those [conservative] defenses that the humanity is sucked out of so many people?"

"My daughter is 14-years-old, she's a little girl," he explained. "You have to picture it. If you know 14-year-old, picture that. Now visually picture this 32-year-old slimebag attorney actually coddling up to her, just play that movie out in your head."

"He picked her up at a custody hearing of all things," Wallace added before later stating, "He’s an animal, and Republicans are waiting to see if it’s true."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: