Morning Joe reveals campaign associates worried Trump has dementia: 'Everybody knows he's not stable'
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called on Cabinet secretaries to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove "mentally unfit" President Donald Trump from office.

The "Morning Joe" host said Wednesday's tweets showed the president was unhinged, and his continued inflammation of the growing crisis in North Korea posed an existential threat to the U.S. and its allies.

"We are going to have a ground war in North Korea, they have believed that in the White House for a very long time -- and yet, he is completely detached from reality," Scarborough said. "We had a New York Times and Washington Post piece saying so a couple of days ago. The question is, if this is not what the 25th Amendment was drafted for -- I would like the Cabinet members serving America, not the president, serving America."

"You serve America and you know it," he continued. "You know you don't serve Donald J. Trump, scam developer, scam you know Trump University proprietor, reality TV show host, you don't represent him. You represent 320 million people whose lives are literally in your hands, and we are facing a showdown with a nuclear power and have you somebody inside the White House, somebody that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit."

Scarborough then forcefully stated a point he has usually tiptoed around, or even scolded co-host Mika Brzezinski for suggesting.

"People close to him say he is mentally unfit, people close to him during the campaign told me he had early stages of dementia," Scarborough said. "Now, listen, you can get mad at me. When are we supposed to say this? After the first nuclear missile goes? Is that when it's proper to bring this up in polite society? Tell me."

He called out Cabinet secretaries by name and challenged the to do what they must know is the right thing.

"Mike Pence, guess what, Republicans want you to be president," Scarborough said. "The Republicans in the House would love you to be president of the United States. You know why? Because you're stable. And here's the thing. Everybody around Donald Trump knows he's not stable."

Later in the program, Brzezinski pointed out that she's been sounding the same alarm, but she's usually shut down by Scarborough, her co-host and fiancé.

"I'm not sure what more people inside the White House need to understand that we are in a grave situation," Brzezinski said. "I've always said things too early, but I've never been wrong."

Scarborough grudgingly gave her credit where it was due.

"Amen," he said, "sister."