MSNBC analyst blames 'carnival barker' Trump's 'insane governing style' for leading US to the brink of war
MSNBC analyst John Heilemann -- screenshot

During a MSNBC panel discussion that veered back and forth between North Korea's provocative missile launch on Tuesday and the government facing a shutdown because due to President Donald Trump's insults, an MSNBC analyst blamed in Trump's 'insane governing style."

Appearing with host Nicolle Wallace, NBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann laid out how Republicans, and more importantly Americans, are about to see the "chickens come home to roost" after standing by while Trump has run roughshod over the presidency.

"I know part of my role on this show is to make you depressed and filled with fear, so let me take up that job," Heilemann joked before getting down to business. "You know, the president in many ways seems disassociative from reality and talks about the world as he sees it, which is not the way the world actually is, the place in which it's most stark right now. We're almost a year into the administration, and there's been all this stuff that has happened that portended disaster, but so far there has not been disaster."

"Right now we stand on the brink of a government shutdown, an incredibly unpopular tax bill that may get passed, that only 25 percent of the country is in favor of, and this incredibly dangerous military situation with North Korea," he explained before warning, "We could be at war a few months from now. We could have a government shutdown a few weeks from now. And the Republicans, the one thing they're holding on to is a tax bill that nobody likes."

"So you think about when the chickens come home to roost for Donald Trump after a year of this insane governing style and all this provocation and all this free association, and all the carnival barker antics, and the question is: are we just about at the edge of getting to a moment where the chickens roost, the  piper gets paid or whatever the metaphor is?" he said before ominously adding, "But it feels like things are going to kind of unravel on maybe more than one front at once."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: