Olbermann: Mueller indictments could be ‘the beginning of the end’ of 'megalomaniac' Trump’s presidency
Veteran news anchor Keith Olbermann (image via Olbermann's Twitter).

Borrowing a phrase from Winston Churchill, Keith Olbermann said on Monday's episode of "The Resistance" that it appears America is at the end of the beginning of President Donald Trump's downfall -- and what happens next has never been more unclear.

With last week's indictments of one-time Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates, Olbermann mused whether we're also at "the end of whatever control of himself Donald Trump has."

"We have a leader that has a personality disorder," said former Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican Olbermann quoted said in a late October interview with The New York Times. Coburn, the host noted, was an OB-GYN doctor before becoming a senator.

"Dr. Tom Coburn is not guessing here," Olbermann said. "It seems as if he's diagnosing."

That people on both sides of the aisle -- from Republicans like Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain Bob Corker to conservative columnist David Brooks and countless Democrats -- have expressed concerns about the president's mental is health is telling, the host continued. But he also insinuated that it might not be enough.

"You and I may disagree with what's wrong with him and what he would do if he truly realized the net is tightening around him," Olbermann concluded. "But we can be certain of this: if you told Donald Trump that the indictments are actually happening, and everybody he knows -- his advisers, his ex-advisers, his eldest son, his son-in-law -- would be indicted and convicted and imprisoned but he himself would not be, he would simply smile that megalomaniac smile of his and grab a new bag of Doritos."

Watch Olbermann lay out the terrifying uncertainty of Trump's next moves below.