Pastor offers hilariously bad takedown of evolution: 'It’s more easier to believe in something supernatural'
Pastor Gene Kim (YouTube)

A California pastor attempted to disprove evolution by comparing its evidence to various fairy tales.

Pastor Gene Kim, an independent fundamentalist Baptist preacher at San Jose Bible Baptist Church, argued in a YouTube video that evolution was too complicated to be true, reported The Friendly Atheist Blog.

He lists a few quasi-mathematical formulas on a dry erase board to suggest scientists believed whales are the evolutionary result of sheep or cows being placed into water, or that elephants evolved after an unknown animal's nose was stretched out.

The pastor compares those made-up theories to the fairy tale, "The Princess and The Frog."

"It’s more easier to believe in something supernatural, see, would create something fantastical in the end," Kim argued. "So that’s why Christians have the much more easier faith. It’s more easier to believe in our kind of fantastical stories compared to your version of fantastical stories, because of 'time' and 'chance' happenings."