Shep Smith erupts over Carter Page's testimony: ‘The Russians are trying to hijack our democracy’
Fox News host Shep Smith (Screenshot/YouTube)

Fox News host Shep Smith expressed dismay at revelations in Trump advisor Carter Page's "rambling" testimony where he claimed he was passing along info about his meeting with the Russians to the Trump campaign.

Speaking with Fox contributor Catherine Herridge, the Fox host asked for the details of the testimony, that also included more information on George Papadopoulos meeting with the Russians that eventually led to his guilty plea for lying to federal investigator.

Following Herridge's extensive timeline, Smith summed it up for Fox viewers stating, "This is quite a thing."

"To recap the sworn testimony as given to members of Congress," Smith began. "Carter Page, who said he didn't meet with any Russians, now admits the Russians paid for his trip, he stayed in a modest hotel that the Russians paid for. He said it wasn't about campaign matters. He admitted that Corey Lewandowski okayed the trip. He told Jeff Sessions on that Thursday night that he was leaving on Sunday."

"Afterwards, he said he got incredible insights from the Russians he met," he continued. "Among those, the Russian deputy prime minister and senior government officials. And he was aware of the meetings with representatives of the Kremlin."

"Every American should at least, no matter what your politics are, be interested that the Russians are trying to hijack our democracy," Smith bluntly stated before warning, "This is from the Russian playbook from decades and decades ago. Spot them, see where they are, figure out where they can get in."

Watch the video below via Fox News: