‘Shoot them and start over’: Pennsylvania dad arrested for terroristic threats against striking teachers
George Shallenberger

A Pennsylvania parent is accused of making death threats on Facebook against striking teachers.

George Shallenberger was charged with two counts of making terroristic threats after police received multiple reports about the social media postings, reported KDKA-TV.

Teachers went on strike Oct. 18 and have been picketing at each of the Ringgold School District's four buildings after their last four-year contract expired in June, but they're unhappy with the salary offer in the latest round of collective bargaining.

“Easiest job in the world but they need more money," Shallenberger wrote on his Facebook account. "Shoot them and start over."

The 44-year-old Shallenberger, who also complains about NFL protesters and frequently posts photos of things that look like penises, also made two more gun-related threats on his social media account.

"Guns don't kill people. I kill people," he wrote Wednesday. "Happiness is a warm gun."

He had been complaining about the district's teachers for at least a month.

"F*cking school teachers need to get real jobs," Shallenberger wrote Oct. 6. "Damn snowflakes."

Police said teachers and other parents reported the threatening posts.

Ringgold teachers say their pay is generally lower than other districts in the Pittsburgh area, and they argue some of them have to take second jobs to make a living.

State law requires teachers to go back to work Nov. 21, but union leaders hope to reach an agreement by next week.

Shallenberger, who said he started a job as a welder in September, remains jailed on $150,000 bond, and he's due in court Dec. 5 for a preliminary hearing.