'They should give it to Mueller': Internet pokes holes in Trump's claim that he turned down TIME Magazine's 'man of the year' distinction
President Trump pouts when asked about his remarks to a Gold Star family (Screen cap).

After President Donald Trump trashed TIME magazine on Twitter earlier Friday evening, he swore he earned their "Person of the Year" for 2017 but turned it down.

Karen Tumulty, who previously wrote for TIME, revealed that when former President Barack Obama was named in 2008 it took a lot of "pestering" and effort to finally sit down for the interview during the transition. She also explained that "the managing editor is the committee of one who decides Person of the Year."

Reporter Bill Shea joked that he was named TIME person of the year in 2006 but never got an interview or a photo shoot. That year, TIME announced the winner was "you" amid the social media revolution.

TIME's offices were closed for the holiday leaving journalists only their Twitter followers to hear their complaints for confirmation. The rest of the post-holiday social media crowd sought outright mockery.

There were those who mocked Trump by quoting back one of his own famous phrases, "Believe me." And gifs of Oprah pointing to audience members announcing what she was awarding them with. "You get person of the year! YOU get person of the year!"

See some of the best below: