President Donald Trump's oldest son met with a Russian banker with deep ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin just four months before the 2016 election.

According to a CBS report, Donald Trump Jr. met with Alexander Torshin at an NRA event after being introduced by a third party.

The source, who saw the two men meet, said the conversation was brief and that firearms were discussed and that nothing was reportedly said about the Trump campaign.

Trump Jr. is already facing scrutiny for meeting with Russian contacts at Trump tower who were reportedly shopping information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to the election. Additionally the president's son is under fire for exchanging emails with Wikileaks, whose founder was sharing campaign tips and offered to help the campaign spread information about Clinton.

As for the NRA meet-up, an attorney for Trump Jr. explained it away, saying the president's son, "was attending an NRA convention and having dinner when an acquaintance asked him to say hello to Torshin and made an introduction."

"They made small talk for a few minutes and went back to their separate meals," attorney Alan Futerfas added.