Wayne Allyn Root, a Trump-loving radio host, defended Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on Monday against charges that he molested multiple teenage girls by claiming that they looked like they were in their 20s at the time of their encounters with Moore.

"They were beautiful young girls and they could have passed for 20," Root said, as reported by Right Wing Watch. "Let's say he hit on a couple of them. First of all, none of them say he had sex with them. He kissed them -- that's it!"

In reality, one of Moore's accusers says that he tried to force her to touch his genitals when she was only 14 years old. Additionally, Moore knew that at least some of the women he was pursuing were still teenagers because he sought some of their parents' permission to date their daughters.

Root went on to claim that, while Moore may have indeed made sexual advances toward teenagers, he at least wasn't a homosexual like Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama.

"Where are the women Hillary’s dated all these years?" he asked of Clinton. "How come they don’t come forward? Where are they? Everybody knows about them."

"I’ve heard the rumors about Bathhouse Barry," he then claimed of Obama. "Everyone has. Bathhouse Barry, well known in Chicago. By the way, not a rumor from a stranger I don’t know, rumors from my friends in Chicago, who are people in the know who tell me Barack Obama has a sordid past."

Listen to the clip below.