Trump pal Piers Morgan says he needs to 'wake the f*ck up' about guns before more kids are 'blown to smithereens'
Piers Morgan (Screenshot)

While he may be personal friends with Donald Trump, British TV personality Piers Morgan has a harsh message for the president -- that he needs to "wake up" to the realities of gun control.

In an editorial for the British-based Daily Mail, Morgan derided President Donald Trump for jumping to claim that Sunday's massacre at a church in Texas that killed 26 "isn't a guns situation."

"Not a guns situation?" Morgan wrote. "A man shot 46 people in a church, killing at least 26 of them. He used a rapid-fire semi-automatic rifle, the US mass shooter’s preferred weapon of choice, and obliterated men, women and children with dozens of bullets during a rampage lasting several minutes."

"That, Mr. Trump, is very definitely a ‘guns situation,'" he continued.

"Trump was very keen we don’t discuss gun control when pressed on it today by the White House press corps during his tour to Japan," the famed British TV personality wrote. "‘It’s a little too soon,’ he explained. He said the same after Vegas, so I’m now confused; is it still too soon to discuss gun control in the wake of THAT outrage, given it’s only been 35 days?"

Because Americans appear to prefer "‘thoughts and prayers’ to new gun laws," Morgan wrote, he decided to offer a "prayer" of his own.

"Dear America," his prayer began. "I pray that you get off your weeping knees and take immediate action before yet more of you and your children get blown to smithereens. I pray that you stop pretending the answer to gun violence is yet more guns when the whole world knows this is utterly insane. I pray that your supine President finds the balls to stand up to the NRA and put the lives of his fellow Americans before the cash registers of Smith & Wesson. After all, when an Islamist terrorist ran over a bunch of cyclists in New York last week, he instantly demanded new laws to stop them doing it again. If this Texas shooter had been a Muslim, Trump would be doing the same now."

"I pray for common sense, not blind partisan intransigence, to finally prevail," he continued. "When Britain banned most guns after the 1996 Dunblane massacre, and when Australia did the same after the Hobart massacre the same year, politicians on all sides came together for the greater good of their country."

"For God’s sake, America, wake the f**k up to the ghastly, deadly, unending, worsening reality of your sickening gun-crazed society and DO SOMETHING," Morgan wrote in conclusion.

Exactly a year ago, Morgan wrote that he believes that although his friend Trump is a "swaggering, shameless braggart," he also "might just make America great again."

Morgan also infamously predicted in a 2015 GQ interview that if Hillary Clinton were Trump's opponent, he would win both the Republican nomination and the White House.

"'See you at the White House,’ said my friend Donald Trump the last time I saw him in New York several months ago," Morgan wrote on November 6, 2016. "He wasn’t joking. ‘I’m going to win, and I’m going to win big,’ he clarified, with his usual astonishing self-confidence. Then he gave me a bear-hug and marched off with his Secret Service detail."