WATCH: Alabama Secretary of State gets caught blatantly lying about past statements on Roy Moore accusers
CNN's Alisyn Camerota grills Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (Screen cap).

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill went on CNN Tuesday to defend Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore -- and he wound up getting nailed by host Alisyn Camerota for lying about past statements he'd made about the women who accused Moore of making sexual advances toward them when they were teenagers.

Camerota began the interview by asking Merrill why he said last week that it was entirely possible that all of the women accusing Moore of sexually pursuing them as teens were fabricating their encounters.

"I didn't say that it was possible that they were making it up," Merrill replied. "I never said that. What I said was I thought it was very unusual. I thought it was very odd and, quite interesting that these claims had come to light at this particular time, especially during the U.S. Senate campaign."

Camerota wasn't fooled by this dodge, however, and directly quoted from an interview Merrill gave last week.

"I have an interview that you did on Thursday and you're quoted as saying, 'People make things up all the time, do I think it's possible the made this up? I do,'" Camerota said.

"Well, of course it's possible," Merrill admitted. "Anything is possible. That's one of the things we see in this political climate today."

Watch the video below.