WATCH: Conservative hilariously explains why 'bumbling fool' Kushner is going to 'fry' Trump
John Podhoretz -- screenshot

A panel discussion on MSNBC's Deadline White House veered off the possibility that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn might be flipping on President Donald Trump to the possibility that he may actually give up the goods on Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Prompted by host Nicolle Wallace, conservative commentator John Podhoretz detailed a history of Kushner, from running his dad’s company to advising Trump to fire James Comey, arguing it shows that he may be the one who destroys Trump because he is a “bumbling fool."

"I want to drill down on exactly two things, John," Wallace began. "The hiring of Mike Flynn over the objections of Chris Christie, who's a pretty strong-willed, blunt guy, who made his objections to bringing Mike Flynn into the White House with that kind of proximity to state secrets, to the president. He was brought in over Chris Christie's objections. And then, the knowledge and possible participation in the firing of Jim Comey."

"If what we are understanding is true, it may be that Jared Kushner is not some kind of Machiavellian godfather behind the scenes and that he is a bumbling fool," Podhoretz quipped causing the host to laugh.

"That is to say, Chris Christie, Kushner nails Chris Christie and gets him fired," the conservative explained. "Not because Chris Christie is bad but because Chris Christie prosecuted his father for a crime of which Jared Kushner's father was dead guilty. And then, because revenge being a dish best served cold, right after the election, he nails Christie, gets him fired with a false claim that Christie had not done the due diligence work on the transition that Chris Christie had, in fact, done."

"So that's number one'" Podhoretz stated. "Number two, so Jared Kushner says to Trump, 'Sure, fire Comey, Democrats hate Comey, they'll love that you fire him.' So Trump is listening to Jared Kushner, who knows nothing from nothing, who bought a building in New York for $1 billion more than it was worth, who has no experience in politics. Whom he listens to solely because he is his son-in-law."

"And if he fries because of Kushner, he [Trump] will deserve it. Because, A, this is why we have nepotism laws, and B, he values some kind of family loyalty over mere competence. simple competence. Like: don't listen to a guy who doesn't know anything," he concluded, once again to Wallace laughing.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: