'What the hell?': Fox's Geraldo Rivera lambastes Trump for 'meaningless fight' with Time over 'Man of the Year'
Fox News host Geraldo Rivera (screen grab)

An exasperated Geraldo Rivera expressed dismay on Fox & Friends Saturday morning after President Donald Trump once again became engaged in a "meaningless fight" on Twitter -- this time after claiming he turned down Time magazine's offer to be "Man of the Year."

Asked about Trump's widely ridiculed tweet -- that was later shot down by Time -- the Fox News regular rolled his eyes when asked for his take on the Twitter battle.

"To me it's another big distraction, I mean, what the hell?" a clearly disgusted Rivera blurted. “I don’t know why the president is always punching down, why he’s picking fights that are meaningless.”

"When you're the president, aren't you always punching down?" Rivera was asked. "There is no one higher than you, so of course you're punching down."

"All I know is that Time magazine says they keep deep secrets as to who the man of the year is," Rivera replied.

Watch the video below via YouTube: