White boy attacks black girl who asked his friends to stop using the N-word
Stressed-out black girl (Shutterstock)

A California teen says she was attacked by a white boy after she asked his friends to stop using racial slurs.

The 14-year-old black student at Dublin High School said she overheard some boys using the N-word on campus and threatened to report them to school officials, reported KRON-TV.

“I was coming from a class, and I heard someone in the corner using the N-word and I turned to tell him not to say that,” said the girl, who asked to remain anonymous. “I told them that language was very inappropriate, and so I said I am going to report this to a campus supervisor or someone with authority who can tell them that this is wrong.”

She said one of the boys then grabbed and physically assaulted her, causing multiple injuries to her head and face.

“Justice would be expelling that young man from campus,” said the victim’s father, Kenny Grant.

School officials declined to comment on specific disciplinary actions, citing privacy rules, but they said students could not be expelled for using racial slurs or fighting without a prior history.

“I would like for there to be a no-tolerance policy on using the N-word,” Grant said. “I don’t care what color the student is.”

The girl's mother took exception to the school's description of the incident as a fight.

“It’s a violent crime, she had to defend herself,” said Vivian Grant. “She didn’t fight back. She chose not to because she thought that might not be the best thing to do, but there is an element of fear because I know she is still hurting.”

A district spokeswoman said disciplinary actions were examined on a case by case basis -- but the girl and her parents agree the boy should be removed from the school.

“I want the school to remove the student from campus because he may do something like this again -- maybe not to me, but to somebody else,” the victim said.