White House officials want to remove Sessions from DOJ so he can take back Senate seat from Roy Moore
Jeff Sessions (C-SPAN)

Two White House official have suggested that Attorney General Jeff Sessions be removed from office so he can be re-appointed to his old Alabama Senate seat to avoid it being filled by disgraced candidate Roy Moore.

In a report by the New York Times, two officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said separately that if Sessions were removed from office, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama could immediately re-appoint him. This move would both ensure that Moore does not get elected and that they don't lose the Republican advantage if Democratic challenger Doug Jones wins the seat.

As the report notes, "Sessions remains highly popular among Alabama Republicans, but his relationship with President Trump has waned since he recused himself from the investigation of the role that Russia played in last year’s campaign."

Pundits like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow have pointed out that if Sessions were to be fired or resign from the AG's office, Trump would then be able to appoint someone who would not recuse themselves from the Russia investigations, therefore making it easier to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.