WikiLeaks tells Trump Jr: Julian Assange still willing to be Australia's ambassador to US
President Donald Trump and Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange (composite image)

Tuesday, Julian Assange went public with his request that President Donald Trump support him as an ambassador from Australia to the United States.

The move comes after correspondence was released that showed Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr. conversing during the 2016 election. It was revealed that Wikileaks first pitched Assange as an ambassador as part of their cooperation and alleged coordination with the Trump campaign.

While Trump Jr. has defended himself by saying that it was only a few direct messages the two accounts exchanged, a closer examination of both Trump Jr. and Trump's Twitter accounts show links were tweeted out after Wikileaks sent them to Trump Jr.

"‘I only responded to a couple messages,’" quoted CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. "It’s not a defense to bank robbery that you only robbed a couple of banks. You don’t have to commit multiple crimes to be guilty of a crime."