'Wild carny freak sh*t': Internet loses it over 'Take a Knee, My Ass' anthem tantrum country song
Single art for Neal McCoy's "Take A Knee, My Ass" (left, via Amazon) and Jacksonville Jaguars players taking a knee (right, via screengrab).

Yesterday, country singer Neal McCoy dropped his latest single -- an apparent protest song against athletes "taking a knee" in protest to police brutality.

The sentiment was not unusual, but the song's title -- "Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take A Knee)" left some on Twitter scratching their heads.

"Sounds painful," writer Jason Markusoff tweeted.

"I don’t judge anyone’s sexual preferences but an entire knee seems unsafe," Jezebel's Anna Merlan noted.

Sports writer Nathan Bernhardt, meanwhile, simply pointed out that "telling your ass to take a knee is just sitting down."

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