Alabama state representative: Roy Moore's black voter fraud claim is 'a rally call to white supremacists'
Alabama state Rep. Merika Coleman (D) speaking to MSNBC. Image via screengrab.

Alabama state representative and Assistant Minority Leader Merika Coleman (D) said on Thursday night that Judge Roy Moore's failed attempts to stall the election certification of his opponent Doug Jones likely stem from a place of racism.

Moore's claim that there's a significant chance of voter fraud "absolutely" has to do with high turnout among black Alabamans, Coleman told MSNBC's Joy Reid.

"Roy Moore actually gave out the rally call to white supremacists when that there was, you know, some sort of voter impropriety," Rep. Coleman said. "Historically in this  country when there is a high voter turnout, there is that charge.

Luckily, Coleman noted, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill — a Republican who voted for Mooredenied the voter fraud charges, which have been circulated among right-wingers online since the day after the special Senate election earlier this month.

Watch Coleman's interview with Reid below, via MSNBC.